Stories from the Path

Photo of Nancy Ketch

Interview: Nancy Ketch from Houlton, Maine

By Omar Vera April 5, 2024

Nancy Ketch talks about how she’s preparing her town — the last in the United States to witness the upcoming total solar eclipse — for the big day.

woman leaning against a cabinet filled with books

Interview: Shelby King from Little Free Library

By Uli Lindo March 29, 2024

Shelby King discusses the eclipse-themed Little Free Libraries installed in rural communities along the path of totality.

outline of United States with a dashed line showing the path of totality on top of a pier cityscape

Science Centers and Museums Across the Path of Totality Prepare for Eclipse Events

By Elizabeth Simolke March 26, 2024

The Simons Foundation has partnered with over 50 science centers and museums along the path to support eclipse events in their communities.

Susan Turner posing with hands on hips in front of model of the sun.

Interview: Susan Turner from the Terre Haute Children’s Museum

By Omar Vera March 20, 2024

Susan Turner tells us about “A Total Eclipse of the Haute” and the broader role she’s playing in preparing Terre Haute, Indiana, for April 8

multiple images of Matt Starr going up the stairs

Interview: Matthew Starr

By Omar Vera March 7, 2024

Comedian Matthew Starr tells us about his show “Dark Matter” and his tour along the path of totality.

man wearing glasses a red collared shirt and blazer standing in front of posters and a computer screen

Interview: Jeff Wheatcraft from the Science Mill

By Uli Lindo February 29, 2024

Jeff Wheatcraft talks about the Science Mill’s efforts to bring excitement and STEM engagement opportunities to rural Texas communities.

Two people sitting and one standing by a front part of a space ship

Interview: Karyn Torigoe of the Great Lakes Science Center

By Omar Vera February 12, 2024

Karyn Torigoe tells us how she’s helping prepare northern Ohio for the April 8 total solar eclipse.

Sóley Hyman and Allyson Bieryla

Interview: Allyson Bieryla and Sóley Hyman of the LightSound Project

By Omar Vera January 30, 2024

Allyson Bieryla and Sóley Hyman share how they’re helping ensure that eclipse experiences are accessible to visually impaired people.

A group photo of 30 people gathered in front of a barn.

Introducing the Triangle Program, Fostering Artist-Scientist Collaborations

By Kelsa Trom January 22, 2024

The Simons Foundation program will connect artists, scientists, and producing partners to engage audiences with science in creative new ways.

woman with curly hair standing in front of a mic and podium with American flag on left and a blue flag on the right

Interview: Kerry Thomson from the Indiana University Bloomington Center for Rural Engagement

By Omar Vera January 16, 2024

Kerry Thomson talks about the Center for Rural Engagement’s efforts around the 2024 eclipse and her life as mayor of Bloomington, Indiana

outline of texas with dotted line through it on top of the Austin skyline

“In the Path of Totality” Flagship Events in Austin, Texas

By John Tracey January 10, 2024

Announcing three days of programming in the Texas capital, from April 7 to 9, to welcome the first total solar eclipse in Austin since 1397.

Whiney Gaskins in graduation cap and gown at podium

Interview: Whitney Gaskins from the Gaskins Foundation

By Omar Vera December 15, 2023

Whitney Gaskins shares her journey through science and her plans for the April 8th eclipse.

Craft Breweries Join “In the Path of Totality”

By John Tracey December 12, 2023

The Simons Foundation is partnering with 13 breweries along the path of the April 2024 solar eclipse to create custom beers celebrating the event.

woman speaking in front of a crowd

Interview: Errin Stanger from the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub

By Uli Lindo November 9, 2023

This edition of our Stories from the Path series features Errin Stanger, executive director of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.

Rick Fienberg stannding with his telescope

Interview: Rick Fienberg from the American Astronomical Society

By Omar Vera October 13, 2023

Rick Fienberg of the American Astronomical Society tells us about his lifelong passion for eclipse experiences.

In the path of totality text across the sky

Announcing “In The Path of Totality”

By Ivvet Modinou October 3, 2023

A new initiative to celebrate and support work around the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse.

Three people standing in a line and pointing to the sky

Interview: LeKeisha Harding from Thinkery

By Omar Vera October 5, 2023

This edition of our Stories from the Path series features LeKeisha Harding, Director of Community Relationships at Thinkery.

man standing in front a large pair of glasses

Interview: Dan Schneiderman from Rochester Museum and Science Center

By Omar Vera September 25, 2023

The first edition of our Stories from the Path series features Dan Schneiderman, Eclipse Partnership Coordinator from the Rochester Museum and Science Center