Craft Breweries Join “In the Path of Totality”

By John Tracey December 12, 2023

To celebrate the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse and to foster community all along its path, the Simons Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with 13 craft breweries. Each brewery will create custom eclipse-themed beers to commemorate the cosmic event.

Located in several states along the eclipse’s path of totality, our partner breweries will offer these custom brews in March and April of 2024. Ranging in style from IPAs to stouts to pilsners and more, the eclipse-themed beer will be available in taprooms and stores, and at special events. Beyond offering these special-edition beers in their taprooms, many of the partner breweries will make their beers available in cans featuring artwork inspired by the “In the Path of Totality” initiative. Individual beers’ names will reflect the time totality reaches the headquarters of each partner brewery.

A brewery may seem an unlikely place to celebrate science, but in fact, brewing is a science; breweries essentially act as labs for brewmasters.

The 13 breweries join our partners from science museums, Main Streets, arts and cultural centers, and other organizations in celebrating the eclipse. Such informal partnerships help us fulfill our mission to empower a broad range of local organizations to provide opportunities for their communities to connect with stellar events such as this one.

With craft breweries growing increasingly popular across the United States, taprooms have become places of community for millions of Americans. Beyond serving artisanal beer, breweries offer an array of communal activities, including live music, lawn games and local food trucks. As the ideal place to share experiences, taprooms are likely to become go-to spots for viewing the April 8 eclipse in many towns and cities.

For more information on these partner breweries, visit the brewery section of our site. And if you’re a brewery in the path of totality and are interested in working with us, visit the About section for details, and get in touch!

We will be sharing more information — including beer styles and when and where you can try them — in the coming months.